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Some sample columns:

Local Mom Questions Distraction as Effective Means of Child Discipline
My friends are all educated, intelligent middle-class women who truly want the best for their children. They nurture self-esteem, spend quality time with their children, and make sure their children have stimulating toys and experiences to encourage learning and brain power. So why do I feel like we’re raising a generation of brats...? [ more ]

Everyday Miracles
Despite the fact that all my best body parts have apparently decided to head south for a permanent vacation and that the lines around my eyes are making me seriously reconsider my opinion on plastic surgery, I still believe in magic. Remember Tabitha, the little girl from Bewitched? I used to spend whole afternoons wrinkling my nose, believing that if I could just perfect the right technique I would soon be poofing myself wherever I wished to go. If I could imagine it, I believed it was possible. You might say I have a little problem separating fantasy from reality... [ more ]

In Praise of Boys
First off, you should know the truth: I wanted a girl. Of course, as every mother does, I hoped more than anything for a healthy baby. But during my pregnancy, visions of pink lacy canopy beds, Wedding Day Barbie, feather boas and dress-up shoes danced in my head. I pictured us wearing elegant matching black velvet dresses at Christmas. I thought about my obsession with horses as a little girl, and contemplated buying a pony sometime in the future. I prowled the aisles of department stores looking at leotards, headbands, and those precious black patent leather shoes.... [ more ]

Manners Still Matter...Don't They?
A soccer mom pulls into the handicapped space at the grocery store and flicks her cigarette on the ground as she rushes by you; a pickup truck snags the parking space you’ve been waiting for just as its occupant backs out; the store clerk ignores you to talk on the phone while you stand there, fuming. If you leave home today, you’ll probably deal with at least one such scenario. Even if you stay in, some telemarketer is likely to call you right when dinner’s on the table and insist on rushing through his script without asking if it’s convenient for you to talk. Suddenly you no longer feel like being polite as you hang up on him... [ more ]

Slowing Down
I don’t ride on motorcycles anymore. I never really drove one, just rode on the back of my boyfriend’s during my bad-boy period, several lifetimes ago. Now I drive an Explorer with french fries stuck down the seats and a Big Wheel in the back. But that doesn’t stop me from competing with the BMW that’s trying to cut me off in the merge lane. “Momma,” says my three-year-old son from his car seat. “SLOW DOWN! Policeman give you ticket!” “Oh,” I say. “You’re right. Mommy slow down..." [ more ]

Waiting for Service
Why is it that people who work in the home services industry--cable television installers, washer and dryer repairmen, carpet cleaners, and the like--continue to get away with showing up for an appointment whenever the heck they feel like it, totally inconveniencing the rest of us poor schmucks and ignoring the fact that we are trying desperately to plan our inconsequential little lives, too...? [ more ]