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Some sample feature stories:

Polo Jocks
A combination of athleticism and horsemanship, the elegant game of polo belies its reputation as a sport for the elite. Not unlike a hockey game played on grass, hooves thunder, muscles strain, and bodies collide as skilled riders maneuver a small ball rapidly into scoring position... [ more ]

The Samurai Spirit: Executive Fitness a Necessity, Not a Luxury
Despite demanding clients, overcommitted schedules, and never enough hours in the day, many top executives still make fitness a priority. These achievers have one thing in common: they make their exercise appointments as non-negotiable as their most important client presentation. They don’t have the time. They make the time... [ more ]

Seeking Sanctuary
For the well-heeled, creating a home means developing a distinctive, one-of-a-kind haven: one which reflects the owners’ personalities, passions, and outlook on life. And while comforts such as handmade rugs, velvet draperies and European antiques may seem inconsequential in a country recently rocked by terrorism, those in the trade say that such luxuries become even more meaningful during times of crisis... [ more ]

Opening Doors and Closing Deals
Whether it’s 500 square feet or 50,000, a glitzy marble high-rise with a view of downtown or a down-to-business warehouse along the DART rail line, a company’s choice and design of office space always conveys a message. The physical space of an office tells the story of the corporate culture and the personalities of the people who work there. Corporate image, technology, and the need for team spaces are all factors that must be considered when expensive decisions are made to build high-performance workspaces... [ more ]

Turning Back the Clock
For millions of Americans, “growing old gracefully” now requires a few expert nips and tucks from a good cosmetic surgeon. In a society that worships youth and fitness, cosmetic surgery is fast becoming another tool--like diet, exercise, and a good haircut--that Boomers use to prolong their youth and vitality... [ more ]

How to Work With the Media
If you’re a small business struggling to capture press attention, you may sometimes feel like a miniscule grain of sand trying to get noticed on a 10-mile white sand beach. The reality is that most editors, whether they work at weekly newspapers, major dailies, radio and television assignment desks, magazines, or the ever-growing number of Web publications, are generally overwhelmed with information, deluged by phone calls, and under constant deadline pressure. But there are some techniques you can use to increase the chance that your message will pique their interest--and make them pick up the phone... [ more ]