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Some sample stories focusing on Health:

Search for a Cure
Can you imagine not being able to recognize the spouse that you’ve spent the last 30 years of your life with? Or not being able to remember the names of your children? Sadly, it’s happened to people who have Alzheimer’s disease. And there are currently more than four million Americans who suffer from it, including former President Ronald Reagan... [ more ]

Providing One-Stop Care for Cancer Patients
It’s everyone’s worst nightmare: you walk into your doctor’s office one afternoon for a routine physical, feeling fine, and you’re told that you have cancer. Hard to believe, but it happened to Eugene (Gus) Mussett, a 58-year-old industrial trainer from Allen, Texas, just over two years ago, when a urologist first diagnosed him with prostate cancer. “It was the biggest shock I ever had,” he recalls... [ more ]

Depression: The Common Cold of Mental Illness
Donna, a 35-year-old bank officer, used to look forward to her seven-year-old son’s soccer games, but lately,it just doesn’t seem worth the effort. She’s lost 12 pounds in the last two months because she just doesn’t feel like eating. Once decisive and efficient, she has trouble concentrating and making decisions. “All I want to do during the day,” she says, “is sleep, but then I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back asleep..." [ more ]

Fueling Your Energy Machine
What if you could unlock your body's full potential and tap into a reservoir of constant energy each and every day? Well, that reservoir of energy -- that extra juice -- would allow you to excel in all mental and physical activities and to build your best body ever... [ more ]

The Mystery of Hepatitis C
When Mary White*, 42, was told 11 years ago by her doctor that she had elevated liver levels, she shrugged it off as a minor problem that was probably caused from “drinking too much.” Five years ago, when she went to donate blood for her back surgery, she was told that she carried hepatitis C antibodies. She was asked if she had ever had a blood transfusion or done IV drugs. Because the answer was no to both questions and she had no symptoms, she says, “I blew it off.” Two years ago, when she went to the doctor for her annual checkup, she was told she had hepatitis C..." [ more ]