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Some sample stories focusing on Parenting:

Preschoolers Log On: Are Computers Helpful or Harmful to Young Kids?
Susan Morgan, a 35-year-old freelance writer, has to share her computer time with a tough negotiator-her three-year-old son Zach. “Whenever he sees me go to work, he runs over to the computer and tells me ‘I want to play my game!” she says. “He already knows how to turn the computer on, pick out his CD and load it, and manipulate the mouse..." [ more ]

Starting Off Right: 10 Ways to Nurture Learning in Preschoolers and Kindergartners
Ready to meet your child’s first and most important teacher? Take a look in the mirror. The everyday interaction you have with your child--from cuddling up and reading a book to learning to get dressed--is a major warmup for school... [ more ]

Preparing Kids for Divorce
You’re sick of crying, and you’re tired of fighting. You’ve accepted the fact that it’s really over, and you believe that life (eventually) will be better without your spouse. But what about your kids? How do you prepare your children for a divorce--without blowing their world to bits...? [ more ]

PBJ and Prozac
Four-year-old Zachary was a problem. He wouldn’t follow directions. He refused to sit in a circle and sing the ABCs. He fidgeted, interrupted the teacher, and had difficulty waiting his turn. It didn’t take the daycare teachers long to tell Zachary’s parents they suspected he was suffering from Attention Deficit-Hyperactive Disorder, or ADHD. His doctor put him on Ritalin, an amphetamine that typically starts working within a couple of days. But three weeks later, Zachary was worse... [ more ]

Beating the Post-Holiday Blahs
So what do you do with the kids when it’s all over except for the credit card bills? There’s nothing worse than hearing the “Mom, I’m bored” whine after you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on new toys. Here are a few suggestions to keep your kids occupied without doing further damage after Rudolph, Santa and the elves have headed back to the North Pole... [ more ]

Five Ways to Tame the Gimmes
“But I waaaannnt it!” We’ve all heard that three-year-old screaming in the aisle at the Super Walmart, pitching a fit and demanding a Wedding Barbie, a monster truck or a giant-sized Hershey bar. Maybe you’ve even been guilty of giving in to that persistent whine once or twice yourself, just to quiet the uproar and avoid the disapproving glares of strangers... [ more ]