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Some sample profile stories:

Running on Faith
If you wrote a screenplay about a divorced working mom with limited education who met her soul mate and created a multi-million dollar company by applying faith-based principles, no Hollywood studio would buy your concept as believable. Yet itís true: and it happened to Jo Ann Brumit... [ more ]

Women in Nonprofit: Changing the World
Throughout history, women have never questioned their ability to make a difference in the world through their time and talent. They have given generously, establishing schools, founding hospitals and sheltering the homeless. After the tragic events of September 11, many Americans are questioning their values and re-examining priorities. There has never been a more appropriate time to spotlight the invaluable contributions made by the unsung heroes who work in the nonprofit sector... [ more ]

Wiring the Web for E-business
Sterling Software is betting the business on e-business. As a leading provider for the application development, information management, and system management markets, the software giant already has products in use by more than 90% of Fortune 100 companies. Worldwide revenues last year were $476.7 million. Now the Dallas-based company is positioning itself to pour the highways and set up the traffic lights of cyberspace business as well... [ more ]

Reaching Their Peak: Summit Surgery Center Aims for Excellence
One of the most powerful motivating forces in the world is a personís image of herself at her best. Our self-concept can either inhibit and hold us back or elevate us to do and be our best. In fact, Dr. Joyce Brothers has said that developing a strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success in life... [ more ]

Hooking up America's Homes
From batteries to a billion-dollar business in less than a century. When Radio Shack was born in 1921, it began as a mail order company catering to ham operators and electronics buffs. Less than 80 years later, itís the nationís largest consumer electronics chain, with more than 6,900 retail stores and dealer/franchise outlets nationwide and $4.7 billion in 1998 sales. But those revenues may look like lunch money compared to the numbers the electronic giant may be posting by the end of next century... [ more ]