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Some sample stories focusing on Women's Issues:

On Hold by Choice
When Leslie Loughlin got off the fast track, she practically left skid marks. The Boston mother with the MBA and chemical engineering degree used to manage 120 people as a senior project manager for a consulting firm before her children Grace, 4 and Eric, 2 were born. Now she works three nights a week at Baby Gap for the retail discount--and the chance to get out of the house... [ more ]

Travel Industry Wakes Up To Needs of Female Business Travelers
Next time youíre sitting on a plane waiting for takeoff, take a peek around you at the business travelers. Chances are youíll see almost as many women as men engrossed in their work, poring over notes or polishing presentations... [ more ]

Getting in the Game: Venture Capital Firms Target Female Entrepreneurs
Good news: the boardroom door has opened a crack. The high-profile world of venture capital, long an exclusive "boys club," has begun to let the gals in to play... [ more ]

Getting Over Good Girl Syndrome
Do you find yourself trying to make everyone at work like you? Have difficulty saying no to any request? Always do the grunt work no one else is willing to do, waiting patiently for your efforts to be noticed and rewarded with a raise or promotion...? [ more ]

Jumpstarting Your Career
"I did everything I was supposed to do--and more. But in the end, it didnít matter." Diane Weldin thought that she was doing all the right things. As the director of communications for a large publishing company in North Dallas, she took pride in being a "can-do" employee who was self-motivated and results-oriented. In her last performance review, she had received rave reviews from the CEO and the senior managers that she worked with. Having received the assurance that she was doing a great job, she felt certain that all her hard work would pay off soon in a nice raise... [ more ]

Online S.O.S.: The New Mom's Clubs
"Some days, I canít even make it out of the house, between nursing every two hours and changing diapers," says Nancy Shovlin, mother of 2-year-old Mathew and six-month-old Julia. "If I didnít have the telephone and e-mail, I think Iíd go nuts..." [ more ]

4 Top Work/Family Challenges: And How to Beat Them
Forget the Marines: if youíre a working mother, youíre the one who does more before the sun comes up than most people do all day. Getting the kids up, dressed and fed, finding lost items, packing lunches, and getting everyone to school on time can feel like a full-time job in itself. And thatís before you fight the traffic to get to work... [ more ]