University of North Texas 


At the University of North Texas, you’ll find that our student-centered philosophy, resources and infrastructure will allow you to thrive. UNT’s College of Engineering, located at the nearly 290-acre UNT Discovery Park, lets you optimize your success by  offering programs ranging from theoretical to practical.

In your classes, you’ll work with  other quality students in your area of study. Our many  organizations will help you develop the teamwork, communication and leadership skills that are essential to your future career.


Innovative Research
At a time when other universities downsized their research efforts, UNT invested in collaborative and multi-disciplinary research clusters. This provide UNT engineering students opportunities to get involved with emerging technologies and ground-breaking research.

You’ll have occasions to connect with other students, researchers, government agencies, business leaders and alumni through the many strong ties established by the College of Engineering.

Come visit us
Take the next step toward your future success. See for yourself. Talk to our students. The best way to experience UNT is to take a tour. Our tours for the  main campus include a visit to a residence hall and the opportunity to ask questions of our admissions staff. For reservations, call 940.565.4104 or visit

The College of Engineering also offers year-round information sessions and student-led tours of the college and Discovery Park. For reservations to tour the College of Engineering after your UNT main campus tour, call 940.565.4300 or visit